Architecture as Art

These first two images where shot near Christmas time when the club was glittering with lights and decorations.

They were used by the club as featured pictures in their centennial book.

The realtor wanted a dramatic picture to advertise this high end house in the western suburbs. The first image is a composite of about 30 frames exposed over a two hour period. Many of the frames are for detail lighting used to highlight areas of the building and blended together to create the final image. The sky on the day of the shoot was clear and unspectacular. A sunset sky was striped in to complete the scene.

During the time it took to get the collection of images for the main shot. I used a second camera to collect an alternative view.

This branch bank building was designed to be energy efficient and was awarded a LEED certification. Busy suburban street corners are where the bank wants its facility for customer convenience. The challenge, accomplished by combining 20 plus frames, was to showcase the building while minimizing the surroundings.

Doing the shoot at dusk also made it possible to bring the interior into the picture.

The Tump tower in Chicago is well known and often photographed. By design its monochromatic. At Christmas, a few years ago, red and green accent lights were added to the parking structure entrance. The winter day was overcast, great for creating a smooth look to the building but not very interesting for a sky background. The cloudy sky was striped in to add some background interest without dominating the image.

These images were created by combining multiple frames. The project was shot for the architect. I positioned two cameras and set them up with radio shutter releases that were on separate channels. I placed a wireless flash trigger on each camera configured so they would both fire the same strobe. This enabled me to walk around the house to create frames with detail lighting for the final composite image. The images used to create the images where shot over about 2 hours. The sunset sky was striped into the pictures to complete the scene.

Video illustrating how the composited images are assembled.

Twilight on Monroe